Dorothy Must Die - Danielle  Paige

Let me start off by saying: If there were more than 5 stars to rate this book, I would rate it 10 out of 10 stars. First, the cover is amazing to look at. The word "DIE" across Dorothy's dress made me want to read it even more. The concept of the book is STUNNNING. The only downside I have about this book is that I should've picked it up sooner. What was I waiting for? I was simply missing out of pure greatness. I literally couldn't put the book down without guessing what's going to happen next. The story was so great that I was debating on whether or not I wanted to add it to my favorites shelf. However, at the end of the book, I realize that I NEEDED to add this to my favorites. The ending was definitely a big surprise that I would've never guessed. This book is something that nobody could easily forget. It's the traditional Wizard of Oz story twisted into something so magnificent that I can't explain in words. As I'm writing this review, my face is just in awe. I loved Amy and all the characters. If an author can make me love the evil characters as well as the good characters, that's when you know the book deserves an A++++++. The word choices that author was using was so great that I felt like I was inside Oz myself. I really need to hug this author one day.